Arts Umbrella - September 2017

Splash Artists Lisa & Terrence Turner on Changing Careers, Making Mistakes, and Christmas Gifts

A neon sign hangs on the wall of Lisa and Terrence Turner’s doorstep. It says “Ditto.” It’s not your average welcome mat, so I know I’m in for a treat when Lisa answers the door.

Their home is a new build in an old neighbourhood, but you would never know it. The house blends in seamlessly from the outside, but inside, it’s evident that modern architecture has influenced the couple. High ceilings, an open flow from room to room, a gourmet kitchen. Terry tells me that Lisa drew floor plans for years before they built this house. That practice paid off.

Sitting in the living room, I ask Lisa about the building experience. Working with architect Margot Innes was a breeze, she tells me. In her previous career, Lisa was an interior designer, so she’s well-connected to local architects and contractors. That background has also helped her to launch her more recent artistic career.