The Studio

Quake Studio is a one-of-kind design and art studio that is re-imagining preconceived ideas of Pacific Northwest design. Our refined, functional art pieces are always inspired by nature, developed in creative collaborations, and rooted in our founder, Lisa Turner’s creative vision. We create small, exclusive batches of beautiful objects for those who graciously appreciate design and quality. As its name suggest, Quake adheres to the philosophy of elegantly pushing expected boundaries in our work, constantly evolving ideas around art, nature and form to enrich people’s lives.

Lisa Turner

Quake Creative Director, Lisa Turner, has deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in British Columbia, she has continuously pursued a passion for the arts, design and the natural environment. After a fulfilling professional career as an interior designer, in 2013 she realigned her focus to create Quake Studio, manifesting her conceptual and sculptural ideas into collaborative functional art forms.




Local Artisans We Work With



AWS Finishing

Azad Millwork

Ebco Metal Finishing

Hudson Plating and Coating

KARICE Lighting

Matrix Marble

Roman Metal Works

TreeStudios Blacksmith Artists